As an artist I obtained a Master of Fine Art from Nanjing Normal University in CHINA. I went to Germany for an artist resident trip where I visited numerous museums, galleries and art studios. I moved into Canada as an independent artist pursuing my art career and dream.

During the time of traveling and art exploration, I absorbed various art styles, media and experience into my art practice. My artwork developed into a form of combination of Asian and Western art styles. Spiritually is an integral part of my work, the black and white ink strokes reflect the underline Asian art spirit in my art practice; the colour textures and tones applied together with the inks define the extension and transformation of Western art influence. This combination provides me with a variety of techniques in my creative process regardless if they are from a Western or Eastern tradition.  I become very free and relaxed in this new style.  To me, it has never been important whether a painting is classis or contemporary, Eastern or Western. I rather pay attention to what is common in those different cultures, and this is primarily the human creatures and its states of existence. No one can change or bind my ideas and feelings to fit a kind of art principle.

A human life is short, especially for a new immigrant generation. It is a long period in life of getting settled down which is full of challenges. 2004 Mandolin Landscapes was my first solo art exhibition since immigrating to Toronto from China.  My show has attracted many new media such as Toronto Star, Canadian Art Gallery Hop,, Global and Mail and other major Asian news media. My artwork was selected into the juried Visual Arts Ontario 30th anniversary provincial art exhibition during 2005-2006.  And I gained the first OAC Visual Artists Mid-Career grant in 2007 with the recognition of my art approach of combination of Chinese brushed work and western art style.

I explored further more to the art experiment – from the brush based work to mixed media work involving more contemporary themes and materials. I received Visual Artists grants for this approach through the Ontario Arts Council over years. This project provided a deep technique exploration and art development fully combining my native art practice and contemporary art exploration, also provide a bridge to connect my art form with current social reality, and develop my art to the next level.

I can see my future art exploration after the current project. My life and art experiences provide me with many possibilities of using new materials which are filled with new lives as well. This is also reflecting the upgrading of life change and art development in a philosophic clue.